Community Supervision and Corrections (Adult Probation)


Serving the Courts, communities, and offenders in the tri-county area

Mission Statement of the Caldwell, Comal, and Hays Counties CSCD:

 Serve the Criminal Courts;

 Protect the Community to the extent that legal authority and resources will allow;

 Provide rehabilitation opportunities for offenders;

 Sanction offenders placed under our supervision.

Message from Executive Director (Chief) Rochelle Thomas:

Welcome to the website of the Caldwell, Comal and Hays County Community Supervision and Corrections Department also known as Adult Probation. It is our hope you will find this website informative and useful whether you or someone else are presently under supervision, a victim of a crime or inquisitive about our department.

Courthouse Photos by Larry D. Moore, used under a Creative Commons ShareAlike License

You can now make probation/program fee payments by credit card in person or online! To pay online, go to our Payments page to find the link to the payment portal for the County where you pay your fees.

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